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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 !


We hope that you enjoy exploring what we are doing in Year 4

The Autumn term in Year 4


The Ancient Greeks


This term the children in Year 4 have been learning about the Ancient Greeks.

They started off developing their chronology skills and created a timeline of key events related to them and then linked this to where the Ancient Greek civilisation is place on a historical timeline. The children have learnt about individual city states, Alexander the Great and the history of the Olympic Games. They enjoyed researching who the Ancient Greeks worshipped, where they created their own God or Goddess; the children had fantastic ideas!


One of their favourite lessons was making links between their education and that of an Ancient Greek child. At the end of this lesson, they had to decide where they would prefer to be educated. We had varied results with fantastic reasons; some children wanted to stay home and learn to be a housewife, others preferred learning now with technology and a few enjoyed the idea of having to learn everything off by heart! 



In the Autumn term, our topic was 'Animals including humans'.


The children have learnt about the digestive system and what happens to our food when it is consumed. They had a lot of fun working together to create a model that represents the digestive process. The children explored healthy and unhealthy foods and discussed the importance of having a balanced diet. They analysed the nutritional content on various food wrappers and made comparisons. 


The children also looked at their teeth. They have learnt about the names of different types of teeth; incisors, canines, premolars and molars. As a class, we discussed how to keep our teeth healthy including why to avoid too much sugar. They also investigated the effects of sugar on their teeth by putting eggs in various sugary drinks, as egg shells contain enamel which is what we have on our teeth to protect them. 



The Spring term in Year 4


English – Kensuke’s Kingdom

This term in English, the children will be reading Kensuke’s Kingdom. They will link their learning to Geography as they study different parts of the world. As we explore the journey that is taken, the children will participate in class debates, research projects and begin submerging themselves in the life at sea.

Throughout the book the children will engage in opinion based learning where they will be developing their inference, summarising and retrieval skills. Chapter by chapter, the children will be asked to predict what they believe will happen next, using evidence from the book. These are all vital skills the children can focus on whilst reading, to improve their fluency and understanding.


Art – Impressionism

For the first half of Spring term, the children will be studying a variety of artists looking at their interpretation of Impressionism. As part of this, they will develop their shading technique and study pastel work.

Throughout the term, the children will incorporate the features they have identified to be associated with Impressionism into their own art work and draw a still life image. They will also be working as part of a team to replicate an Impressionism piece of art.


PSHE – Relationships

Throughout the Spring term, the children will be exploring their feeling and emotions, positive and healthy relationships, and the importance of valuing difference. Their learning will focus on key questions which they can reflect on in different forms; through discussion, written tasks or role play activities.

At the end of this topic, the children will hopefully have built an understanding of confidentiality and managing risk, solving disputes and conflicts amongst themselves and respecting different opinions.

The Summer term in Year 4


The Ancient Romans


In the Summer term, the children will learn all about the Romans. 

The children will look at the impact of the Romans on our life today and what they did to influence history. They will use maps to locate countries which were part of the Roman Empire. 


In Art, the children will also be designing and making their own Roman mosaic tiles, focusing on the features of mosaics.

Other learning throughout the year


Religious Education:

Each term, the children explore a new question related to the topic that they are learning about. 


These are the topics and questions that will be covered each term:

Autumn term - Natural World: Why does it matter how we treat the world?

Spring term - Sacred Texts: Why are sacred texts and Holy books so important?

Summer term - Worship: Is there any point to worship?



In Computing, throughout the year, the children will develop their Word processing, PowerPoint and Publisher skills. They will learn how to insert and resize images, copy and paste, screenshot and print in various formats. They will also learn how to use email. The children will continue to develop their coding skills, using the program 'CodeforLife'. As a class, we will also be continuing to discuss E-safety issues and the importance of keeping our personal information safe online.




How you can help your child at home:


  • Practise times tables (up to 12 x 12)
  • Practise number sentences for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (see method attached)
  • Practise spelling patterns and Year 3-4 spelling list (see attachment from National Curriculum)
  • Practise high frequency words (see attached)