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Who's Who

Teaching Staff


Mrs J Robertson



Mrs S Dilks

Deputy Headteacher

Teacher, Year 6

Coordinator of:

Maths, Gifted and Talented, Religious Education


Miss K Dicker

Class Teacher, Year 3



Miss K Jancovicova

Class Teacher, Year 3

Coordinator of Art and Design Technology


Mrs A Dunne-Wall

Class Teacher, Year 4

Coordinator of Humanities


Mrs K Lutman

Class Teacher, Year 4


Miss E Hutchings

Class Teacher, Year 4

Coordinator of Computing


Miss G Donsow

Class Teacher, Year 4

Coordinator of Music


Mrs L Cowan

Class Teacher, Year 5

Coordinator of Reading


Mrs R Bhangra

Class Teacher, Year 5

Coordinator of Writing and Spelling


Mrs M Garraway

Class Teacher, Year 5



Miss D Keen

Class Teacher, Year 6

Coordinator of Science


Ms T Ferencz


Coordinator of PE



Learning Support Assistants


Mrs F Akhtar

Mrs C Ashby

Mrs C Dibble

Ms J Franks

Mrs S Fury

Miss S Nangle

Mrs D Newton

Miss M Palmer

Mrs M Parry-Jones

Mrs W Reynolds

Mrs K Swarbrick

Mrs M Taylor

Ms M Ward

Mrs G Wheatley



Support Staff


Mrs A Ahmed - Maternity Leave

Administration and Finance Assistant


Mrs F Akhtar - Maternity Cover

Administration Assistant


Mrs C Smith

School Business Manager


Mrs J Wyman

School Secretary


Mr J Ashby



Mr M Gates



Mrs S Goss



Miss S Wager